Volunteer Training

Volunteers who will work with the young mothers must attend a series of three volunteer training sessions. Each session covers a different topic, but we’ve organized them so you can attend them in any order. If you are interested, contact us to RSVP and to get location information.

Our Three-Part Training Series

Part 1: Ministry Overview, Understanding Poverty
Part 2: Ministry Design, Learning from Christ Kitchen
Part 3: Suffering and Giving Hope

Please choose a session from the schedule below and use our contact form to let us know you will be coming. Remember, you can start with any of the sessions and attend the three parts in any order.

If you’re interested, but can’t come to any of the sessions listed below, use our contact form to let us know.

Our Next Scheduled Session(s)

Session in Series Date Time Location*
Parts 2 and 3 Monday, February 26 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Glenside
*When you sign up, you will receive information about the exact location and detailed directions.

We are also asking interested volunteers to read Christ Kitchen. You can order it on Amazon or contact us for a loaner copy.