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Welcome to Every Good Gift! We’re glad you’ve come to visit us. Let us introduce ourselves. Explore our site, watch our videos, browse our products, and learn more about Every Good Gift and how you can further our mission.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to share the love of Christ with vulnerable women in a safe environment that nurtures healthy job, life, and relationship skills while creating quality products for customers.

Christmas Shopping Deadline: Wednesday, December 11!
Consider doing your 2019 Christmas shopping on our website. If you submit your order by Wednesday, December 11, we will commit to getting it to you in time for Christmas. After December 11, please use our contact form to tell us what you would like to order. We will let you know if we will be able to get it to you in time for Christmas.

Our Alternative Christmas Gift Catalog
Consider giving an alternative Christmas gift this year. Honor a friend or family member by donating one of the gifts from our catalog to Every Good Gift in lieu of a traditional gift. Click here to order from our catalog.

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