Our Mission

The mission of Every Good Gift is to share the love of Christ with vulnerable women and nurture healthy job, life, and relationship skills, while creating quality products for customers.

Our Vision

Women in need, transformed by Christ’s love, equipped for stable futures.

Our Goals

  • Women will be able to provide for themselves and their children in the long term, will develop true friendships, will be introduced to the Living God, and will have support in making healthy choices in relationships and parenting.
  • Customers will choose to make purchases from Every Good Gift because of the quality of the products and the value-added aspect of the ministry.
  • Volunteers and staff from more stable backgrounds will learn from the employees, will see how much we have in common, and will grow in understanding God’s heart of compassion, mercy, and justice for the poor and needy.
  • Staff, employees, customers, and volunteers will develop a closer walk with Jesus.

Our Core Values

  • Christian . . . We are sinners, saved and given new birth by the redemptive work of Christ alone, now sons and daughters who seek to live by Biblical principles, honor the Lord in all we do, and trust in God’s providential care.
  • Value . . . Being made by God, in His image, means that every human life has value from conception until natural death.
  • Compassion . . . We desire to reflect God’s heart of mercy and justice for the vulnerable.
  • Hope . . . Through the gifts of repentance and faith in Christ, any person can be saved and conformed to the image of Christ.
  • Mentorship/Discipleship . . . We provide mentoring and discipling, a means God uses to bring change and growth, to equip vulnerable women for life’s challenges.
  • Quality/Excellence . . . We will work as unto the Lord, striving for excellence and making quality products.
  • Stewards . . . The gifts of our donors are received with gratitude and used responsibly to conduct the ministry.